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What kind of a good drawer.

What kind of a good drawer.

What kind of a good drawer.


We play in the drawer slide is pushed and pulled the drawer vital parts, drawer slides, what kind of good? A lot of people can not help but ask this question, don't know how much you know about the drawer slide, here we have a look at a simple slide, see what kind of good drawer.

Drawer slide is an indispensable part in the modern drawer, and in the design of the drawer, the drawer slide on the quality of small can have a decisive influence. Drawer slides is fixed in a certain orbit, and other moving parts movement of the drawer, or curved groove with guide rail.

What kind of a good drawer.

1 test steel.

How much the drawer can load, mainly to see the track of the steel is good, different specifications of the drawer steel thickness is different, bearing is also different. The purchase can pull the drawer by hand on a beat, see if loose, bang bang sound or flip.

2 look at the material.

Pulley material determines the comfort of the drawer slide. Plastic pulley, steel, wear-resistant nylon three is the most common one of the pulley material, wear-resistant nylon for the top, slide, silent. Look at the pulley is good or bad, you can use a finger to push the drawer, there should be no sense of feeling, no noise.

3, pay attention to the structure of drawer slide rail.

The whole rail is connected to the drawer and bearing, three point connection is slightly inferior, with the slide design progress, now also has a high-quality slide features simple disassembly. At the same time, also need to pay attention to the slide material, has a fatal impact on the quality of inferior materials slide. Therefore, the purchase of multi hand feeling slide of different materials, choose to feel really, high hardness, heavy rail.

4, according to their own needs to choose the right drawer, buy rail.

At the time of purchase should not only pay attention to the length of the slide is appropriate, but also to consider their own requirements on the drawer, if the drawer to put something very heavy, it should pay special attention to the bearing capacity of rail. When listening to the sales personnel, you can ask the number of the sliding rail on the bearing case can withstand approximately.

5, site selection of experiment slide.

The drawer slide pulled out you will feel resistance. When the slide pull end of the drawer and will not fall off or overturned. On site you can also pull out the drawer with the hand in the drawer Click to see whether the drawer is loose, whether the clanking sound. At the same time, slide in the drawer in the process of resistance, in which, whether smooth, you also need to push and pull at the scene more than a few times, in order to determine the observation after.

6, a sub price of goods.

As far as possible to choose a good brand of hardware. After all, the hardware is the need to have the characteristics of durable, good quality hardware can let you save a lot of trouble.

What kind of drawer slides, above Xiaobian introduce small ways to buy drawer slides, try to see the material, structure steel, drawer slides are all need to pay attention at the time of purchase. Drawer slide what kind of good, hope can help to you to choose from to solve the drawer slide problem.

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