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Develop sophisticated products and keep improving!

In 2018, Kingpower won the high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province.


The Company can not only produce high-quality ball bearing slides, but also independently develop automatic rolling machines and mold with superior performance and high production efficiency, which have been awarded the National Invention Patent.


The Company has cooperated with customers for OEM and ODM production for a long time; It has established and perfectly implements the ISO9001:2015 system. From raw material procurement to production process control and delivery, Kingpower has strict systems and inspection methods and equipment. It also has advanced welding robots and advanced large-scale high-speed CNC, as well as multiple advanced automated stamping production lines to ensure the accuracy and speed of our production. Kingpower has a stable supply chain of raw materials and reliable suppliers, which provide high-quality materials and components with constancy and stability.


It is vital to remain sustainable development for Kingpower, though it is committed to taking initiative and ultimately ensuring the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in the industry. In addition, Kingpower firmly believe that the cornerstone for sustainable development is inseparable from high-quality and environmental-friendly products, and that it is the main purpose and utmost responsibility of the company.


Kingpower complies with the national environmental protection laws and strictly control from the source and process control to ensure every product is guaranteed to pass the EU ROHS standard inspection.



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